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Katia Macrame Cord

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Katia Macrame Cord 100 luonnonvalkea
100 luonnonvalkea
Katia Macrame Cord 101 roosa
101 roosa
Katia Macrame Cord 102 vaaleanharmaa
102 vaaleanharmaa
Katia Macrame Cord 103 tummanharmaa
103 tummanharmaa
Katia Macrame Cord 105 savi
105 savi
Katia Macrame Cord 106 tumma farkku
106 tumma farkku
Katia Macrame Cord 108 pullonvihreä
108 pullonvihreä
Katia Macrame Cord 109 munakoiso
109 munakoiso
Katia Macrame Cord 110 ruoste
110 ruoste

Some items of this product are available in our stock. The delivery time for this product is immediately if it is in our stock. Otherwise it is approximately 3 - 15 day(s) from the order. The reliability of the estimation is quite good.

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Product description
Katian Macrame Cord lanka tulee topakassa 0,5kg puntissa, jossa lankaa on 100m. Lanka aukeaa helposti säikeiksi ja on suunniteltu nimensä mukaisesti macrame solmeiluun.
Lanka on tehty kierrätysmateriaaleista.
Koostumus: 65% Puuvillaa, 25% polyesteria ja 10% muita kuituja
Paino/Juoksevuus: 0,5kg / n. 100m

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 90 x 180 x 90 mm.

0.5 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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