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Scheepjes Whirl

Scheepjes Whirl

Scheepjes Whirl

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Other feature
Scheepjes Whirl 551 Daffodil Dolally
551 Daffodil Dolally
Scheepjes Whirl 552 Pink to Wink
552 Pink to Wink
Scheepjes Whirl 553 Indigo Plane
553 Indigo Plane
Scheepjes Whirl 554 Tangerine Tambourine
554 Tangerine Tambourine
Scheepjes Whirl 555 Forbidden Fuchsia
555 Forbidden Fuchsia
Scheepjes Whirl 556 Mediterranean Moohaa
556 Mediterranean Moohaa
Scheepjes Whirl 557 Coral Catastrophe
557 Coral Catastrophe
Scheepjes Whirl 558 Shrinking Violet
558 Shrinking Violet
Scheepjes Whirl 559 Turquoise Turntable
559 Turquoise Turntable
Scheepjes Whirl 560 Jade JimJam
560 Jade JimJam
Scheepjes Whirl 561 Sippy Sage
561 Sippy Sage
Scheepjes Whirl 562 Petrol Please Me
562 Petrol Please Me
Scheepjes Whirl 563 Sitrus Squeeze
563 Sitrus Squeeze
565 Murderous Mint
Scheepjes Whirl 751 Liquorice Yumyum mustavalkoharmaa
751 Liquorice Yumyum mustavalkoharmaa
Scheepjes Whirl 752 Raspberry Rocky Roads
752 Raspberry Rocky Roads
Scheepjes Whirl 753 Slice O Cherry Pie
753 Slice O Cherry Pie
Scheepjes Whirl 754 Green Tea Tipple
754 Green Tea Tipple
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 755 Blueberry Bambam ihanat siniset
755 Blueberry Bambam ihanat siniset
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 756 Caramel Care Blimey
756 Caramel Care Blimey
Scheepjes Whirl 757 Strawberries and Cream
757 Strawberries and Cream
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 758 Lavenderlicious -lilat ja violetit
758 Lavenderlicious -lilat ja violetit
759 Jumpin Jelly
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 760 Cotton Candy Man
760 Cotton Candy Man
Scheepjes Whirl 761 Pistachi Oh So Nice
761 Pistachi Oh So Nice
Scheepjes Whirl 762 Popin Candy
762 Popin Candy
Scheepjes Whirl 763 Fruity O Tutty
763 Fruity O Tutty
Scheepjes Whirl 764 Red Velvet Sunrise
764 Red Velvet Sunrise
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 765 Lemon Cassis Cream
765 Lemon Cassis Cream
Scheepjes Whirl 766 Mid Morning Mocha'roo
766 Mid Morning Mocha'roo
Scheepjes Whirl 768 Sherbert Rainbow
768 Sherbert Rainbow
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 769 Blackberry Mint Chip
769 Blackberry Mint Chip
Scheepjes Whirl 770 Black Forest Zinger
770 Black Forest Zinger
Scheepjes Whirl 771 Jumping Jaffa Pop
771 Jumping Jaffa Pop
Scheepjes Whirl 772 Banana Cream Hi
772 Banana Cream Hi
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 774 Salted Caramel Matcha
774 Salted Caramel Matcha
Scheepjes Whirl 775 Peppermint Patty Cake vihreätturkoosit
775 Peppermint Patty Cake vihreätturkoosit
Scheepjes Whirl 776 Rosewater Cocktail
776 Rosewater Cocktail
Scheepjes Whirl 777 Scrumptious Lush
777 Scrumptious Lush
Scheepjes Whirl 778 Turkish Delight
778 Turkish Delight
Available in stock
Scheepjes Whirl 779 Passion Fruit Melt
779 Passion Fruit Melt
Scheepjes Whirl 780 Key lime Pie
780 Key lime Pie
Scheepjes Whirl 781 Sea Breeze Tease
781 Sea Breeze Tease
Scheepjes Whirl 783 Brambleberry
783 Brambleberry
Scheepjes Whirl 784 Watermelon Hell Raiser
784 Watermelon Hell Raiser
Scheepjes Whirl 785 Minty Black Velvet
785 Minty Black Velvet
Scheepjes Whirl 786 Dark Grape Squish
786 Dark Grape Squish
Scheepjes Whirl 787 Dandelion Muchies
787 Dandelion Muchies
Scheepjes Whirl 788 Night Time Bubbles mustavalkoipinkit
788 Night Time Bubbles mustavalkoipinkit
Scheepjes Whirl 789 Tasty Nom Nom lilatjavioletit
789 Tasty Nom Nom lilatjavioletit

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Product description
One could just cuddle up and love this this cotton candy cake! You'll find the lush colours on 225gr cake, which is made from 60% cotton, 40% akrylic. Each cake has 1000 meters of yarn which can be worked with knitting needles of 3,5-4mm Just pick you colour and enjoy!

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 120 x 80 x 120 mm.

0.225 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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